is this microphone live?


  • add a full start to finish example of a piece to the before/afters page
  • put a fine art portfolio on here
  • put all nano playlists up on here
  • also all nanowrimos?
  • see if i can code in a dynamic checklist so that the things i cross off go to the bottom and are a lighter font or something like that? i guess i can do it myself
  • blog header image in that transparent space up top (maybe use this?)
  • decide what goes in the sidebars so they're the same across all pages. so far the left bar seems to be where my name(s) go. maybe i'll put some anime images in there or something and have some links??
  • actually fill out the about page
  • find a nice warm golden brown header/footer color that doesn't look awful on mobile
  • long term it'd be super fun to have an oc directory here. that's the devil talking possibly


  • decide if the home page is going to be an eternal to-do list (indicative of self) or something else it is i like this format
  • settle on commission info basics (there's a note somewhere with the list to expand on)
  • actually put images into the gallery once it's set up how we want it
    • and figure out how to make them all a consistent size
  • folders that open/close for the gallery so it's possible to browse between different types of commissions on offer (or at least something like how this navigates you)
  • separate 3 different commission types into separate pages so the images load better
  • better section header font and center it
  • also a different general font. maybe something with a serif
  • now figure out how to make the navigation bar a different font from the rest of it
  • whole thing needs to be cuter. we gotta get some images and pixels in here
    • also figure out how to arrange the eventual pixels better
    • i can change the bullet points to be emojis but can i change the sub-points to be different emojis??
    • answer after much agonizing: YES